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What We Do


General Bookkeeping

Many business owners hire a bookkeeper or an accountant only to prepare their tax paperwork. At Metrowest Accounting, we know that accurate and consistent bookkeeping throughout the year has its advantages. Moreover, if done properly, this provides you with key insights to make well-informed decisions proactively. 

Understand where your money is at all times

As a business owner or manager, you understand the real value of having your business’ finances carefully tracked. With all of your business information accurate and readily available to you, you can make quick and sound business decisions with peace of mind.

Accounts Payable

  • Maintain Vendor list and data
  • Enter all bills and payables
  • Review all bills
  • Check for duplicate bills
  • Prepare checks or schedule electronic transfers.

Accounts Receivable

  • Review and record invoices
  • Prepare and mail invoices
  • Prepare accounts receivable agings
  • Deliver customer statements and notices
  • Follow up with customers, as requested


  • Setup up Inventory
  • Enter Item Transactions
  • Tracking inventory quantities and costs
  • Establishing reorder levels (optional)
  • Physical to book inventory reconciliation
  • Generate Inventory Reports

How We Help

Initial Meeting

We will schedule a meeting to discuss your current bookkeeping situation, your needs and requirements, hopes, and concerns. In this meeting, we will also discuss options, projects, and ongoing service costs.

Bookkeeping Assessment

We will assess current bookkeeping records, structure, procedures, policies and provide recommendations and suggestions for improvement and best practices. We will determine the most critical items that should be implemented as soon as possible and less critical items that can be implemented at a later date

Work Begins

We begin implementing the items we found in the assessment and getting your bookkeeping on track. Once we have completed the most urgent items, we will set a schedule for ongoing bookkeeping. 

Ongoing Bookkeeping

We will schedule a convenient time to provide on-site or remote bookkeeping services of your choosing. Most of our clients require regular weekly services, but we do provide services as needed.


Read What They Have To Say

Great Accountant for any business

"Turning my bookkeeping over to Holly was a game changer! As a new solopreneur, Holly's taught me so much about classifying different biz expenses and pointing out areas of concern and risk. She also knows everyone...so if your business needs contracts, insurance, etc. she probably has a referral that you can depend on!"

Hiring Badass

A great resource for business owners.

"Holly is a great resource for business owners who want to get back their time! I am very confident Holly is going to save time and money for business owners I introduce her to."

Connection Exchange

"Holly has always answered any questions I have fully and quickly. I would recommend her for anyone looking to get their books and thus their business in order."


"Holly is terrific to work with. She has been doing our bookkeeping since 2015 and does a great job. She's available to help with questions on Quick Books over the phone. She is friendly, outgoing, and a pleasure to speak with. So glad we found Holly, we would highly recommend her."

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